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Juicy Tails Rogers

Juicy Tails in Roger’s is located near the Walmart AMP. They serve some of your Cajun seafood favorites like Crawfish and Gumbo. They also have fresh snow crab plates that include corn and potatoes. Their happy hour offers many different cocktails like mimosas, Cajun Bloody Mary’s, mixed drinks and beer.

Juicy Tails Rogers

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    9 Reviews for Juicy Tails Rogers

    Jason 12 Reviews
    Try the Crab Meat Poboy

    I have visited for lunch two times so far. First time I ordered the Crab Poboy and went back a second time to get it again. Has a few of my buddy’s craw fish and I think I am going to order that next visit.

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    klsultzer39 1 Reviews
    Never walked out of a place until today…

    We wanted to try something new, place looked busy and we thought sure we will try it. We had a 10 minute wait to get seated no big, it was busy, food smelled good and we were excited!!! But that excited soon turned to disappointment as we were ignored at our booth for 20 minutes. The waitress working our area helped two tables across from us and literally did not even once offer to look at us. We didn’t even have a drink order taken. As much as wanted to try something new it’s not worth this kind of service busy or not. I hope the manager is satisfied with their staff after that experience. NEVER RECOMMENDING THIS PLACE….EVER!

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    Ken McClary 22 Reviews
    Love the Mud Bugs!!

    I grew up eating crawfish aka crawdads where I’m from or mud bugs and me and my friends called them growing up. Juicy tails cooks them up similar to back home so I am a fan. Now I know some of you are going to tell me your favorite spot and I want to hear it..but my go to is Juicy Tails right now. I challenge anyone who has eaten some crawdads at Juicy Tails to tell me a better location in Northwest Arkansas! Possibly one, I haven’t found it yet, but possibly.

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    Ken McClary 22 Reviews
    To Klsultzer39: Went a Bit Hard! Why?

    I respect people’s opinions and as the owner of this site gladly provide a an outlet to give it to us real. That said, you went a bit hard on them for… from what I can see they were just really busy. Does that honestly drop them to a 1 star? I personally don’t think they earned that rank especially since you didn’t even try to eat their food. Everyone has a bad day and I would suggest you go back and try again and try their food. I am sure you will consider changing your rating if you do. Thanks for taking the time to share with us and thanks for using the site. My2Cents

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    Abe 1 Reviews
    No need to spice up seafood

    I am sure there must be a niche for spiced up seafood in this region but as an ex New Englander was very disappointed. Seafood in my view is a simple preparation, stands on its own : could not stand the batter, alien flavor just covered up the sea: tasted like dry rub oysters. Fist time in my life walked away from my seafood. Why not add a purist selection. If you don’t know what I mean call any seafood shack in the coast.

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    Gail 1 Reviews
    Wonderful Gumbo

    Oh my, probably the most authentic gumbo I’ve tasted thus far north besides my own. Having lived in Louisiana for many years, I will say I was skeptical but it was simply amazing. The problem was, I didn’t stop there. The shrimp is imported and not from the gulf. It says Cajun seasoning but has a quite different taste to it rather than Cajun. Not bad, just not what was listed or expected. Still well worth 4 stars even though our waitress kept disappearing.

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    Steel City 1 Reviews
    Great Tasting Food!

    Great tasting food! I had a combo fried rice (shrimp, chicken, bacon), peel and eat shrimp, and tasted some mussels from my friend’s order! I still need to try their fried foods and see how they taste, but, with what I had, All were delicious, some of the better tasting seafood I’ve had around this area! I’ll definitely be going back to check out the crab legs, lobster, and much more and recommend this place to any seafood lover!

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    candy 1 Reviews

    I just ordered for a kids mac and cheese. Came home excited to try there mac and cheese. I get home and get into eating and i literally THREW UP ON MY FIRST BITE!!!!!!!! IT TASTED AND IT SMELLED LIKE IF IT WAS EXPIRED!!!!! Super nasty ? never again will i order mac and cheese from them again! i thought maybe it was me and then my husband tried it and he almost threw up as well! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!

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    Stephanie 1 Reviews
    Delicious, busy, but great service

    We sat at the bar to wait and ended up getting served there. Brittany was kind, even while very busy. Attended to everything we needed, never had an empty glass. So glad we picked there to eat and weren’t detoured by the wait.

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