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Victoria's Pea Ridge

Victoria’s Mexican Restaurant in Pea Ridge is located on Lee Town Rd just East of the four way stop. Victoria’s Mexican Restaurant is a family owned Mexican Restaurant serves traditional Tex-Mex and Mexican favorites like enchiladas, tacos, and fajitas. Kid’s eat free every Monday

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    8 Reviews for Victoria’s Mexican Restaurant Pea Ridge

    Jason 12 Reviews
    Not bad

    The food is pretty good and staff is nice. I personally think it’s better than Diego’s with the exception of their burritos but that’s just me

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    cfelton143 1 Reviews
    Great place

    Best Mexican food around! Service is great, prices are reasonable! I highly recommend it. You can order in advance and pick up at the drive through window if you don’t want to dine in?

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    Dan 1 Reviews
    Bad Customer Service

    Came in with a friend for a dine in order, my food came out but the waitress had forgotten our utensils until we asked for them. Afterwards, when we had finished, the cashier brought us our check, however, my friend and I asked if we could add fried ice cream onto the order, the gentleman picked up the check then took about 30 seconds to look at it and then preceded to place it back down on the table and said “Actually……. we are currently out of fried ice cream.” Could’ve at least made this statement believable by heading to the kitchen and then come back with the check to say it was out. Food was ok, some of it tasted like it was microwaved.

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    NWA food critic 1 Reviews
    LOL where do I start

    On Sundays most people like to enjoy and eat dinner with their family and if that is the case with you I would not go to this restaurant!!! Is this the second time in a row that I have had to go back and have them replace something that they have messed up after repeating the order on the phone to them more than once!! The first time I let it go because the girl who helped me was extremely polite and apologized and fixed everything in a very timely manner However The older Hispanic lady working the drive thru this Sunday was the complete opposite she never apologized, just told me it was fine to come get my replacement and then I wanted a refund for the price difference of the mess up and I had to argue the reasons why they should have to pay me back money when I ordered a hamburger chimichanga instead of a steak chimichanga….Then when I show up to get my replacement, The lady is trying to hand me a dollar and apparently did not understand that I was going to get my replacement and a dollar ( which let’s go ahead and add that she took the dollar back which was my refund for overpaying in the first place, but I let that go because obviously she was too incompetent to understand that!) Then after I wait for my replacement to be made when they hand it to me they don’t give me any of the toppings that go with it , And when I try to tell her that the Mills come with the sour cream guacamole lettuce tomatoes she argues with me about the mini chimichanga that I got al a crate which is totally irrelevant to anything!!!!! And who is going to drive 20 minutes for and who is going to drive 20 minutes for a dollar $1 lol!! Total lack of caring or this review would have been different!!! This review will be shared on every food critic website that I am able to share it on…this is ridiculous!!!

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    Gary 1 Reviews

    I have found my place in Pea ridge!! Victoria’s is where its at. Clean, fast, courteous, friendly, great food! Awesome job to all the staff. Anywhere else will be sub par to this place when it comes to Mexican restaurants in NWA.

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    Vicki Day 1 Reviews
    Bad experience

    All new wait staff. Past few times we have ordered takeout one meal is always wrong. We called in our order. The girl wouldn’t even let me finish a sentence before she would interrupted me. Then she would tell me to hold on. And I could hear her helping someone else. Then she’d pick up the phone and come back to me. I’d try telling her my next item, I was interrupted again for her to help someone else. It took 20 minutes to get my order placed. Went to pick up order and 1 item wasn’t made yet due to her writing down order wrong and they couldn’t figure how to make it with our request, they fixed that one. The order that was made, was not made right. Requested 2 lg sweet tea’s to go with my order. She brought me meds. I hope I didn’t get over charges. I was so upset at this point cause the girl wouldn’t listen until I stopped taking before she assumed what I wanted and put it into computer. This has been our favorite place to eat but since all the regular employees have left, our service hasn’t been good. Very disappointed 😡☹️

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    Scott 1 Reviews
    Fantastic Food and Service

    We have been going here for years excellent place

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    Angie 1 Reviews
    Price jabbing during pandemic

    I looked on the website at the me u. After I called & placed my order the price o was waaaaay more than menu When I questioned the price I was told that they haven’t updated their menu & since covid they have raised their prices 20% because everybody has & because more people are working & it cost more to pay them. That’s the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever heard!! More people are NOT working! It is not my problem they havent updated their website & it is not my problem if they pay their people more!! I will not ever go back to a restaurant that charges 20% more than their menu & then tries to make it my problem!! They are not the only game in town!!!

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