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Lucy’s Diner in Rogers is located at 511 W Walnut St. They are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Ask About their free pie!

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    9 Reviews for Lucy’s Diner in Rogers

    Ken McClary 22 Reviews
    Good food and Free PIE!

    As the owner of I visit a ton of restaurants and try to stop at Lucy’s at least one time every month. Can’t seem to get enough of the meatloaf and mashed potatoes. My wife and kids always order breakfast when we go (event at night). We go for the food but stay for the pie!

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    nekp50 1 Reviews
    Horrible experience

    After church five of us went to eat here. We have eaten here once before and it was a good experience. However I honestly do not know if I have ever been made to feel like I was a inconvience in my life. This was only the manager not the waitress. The waitress said he had surgery so that was the excuse. After we kindly said we would leave he could care less. He had a very bad attitude and was absolutely rude. We will not return. It was his attitude and demeanor that needs to change. The entire issue was because there was a lady who had a walker and the table was trying to be arranged to benefit her. I am totally in favor of helping others and understood the meaning of rearranging to help her. But he wasn’t satisfied that were by being were that sat us inconviencing her. We were willing to do whatever we needed to but it was apparently we were not wanted there. I thought it was just me but my husbands face said it all. Let’s try and make every one feel welcome is not there Moto. If he had a bad day then my prayers to help him heal and increase his understanding of how to treat people.

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    Vicki 1 Reviews

    I suggest that when the cook is sick, he be sent home instead of cooking meals then come out of the kitchen complaining of how sick he is & sit down at the front counter. The waitress chimed in about how “it’s going around” & how sick she is. The owner was there when we came on, but left shortly after, that’s when the employees started talking. Maybe he should have called non-sick employees in to work or cover the shift himself. How many customers will be sick because of these sick employees? It will be a long time before any of my family members eat there again.

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    V 1 Reviews
    horrible management

    I’ve seen complaints about this place for years. Friends who have worked there have shared experiences, family who have eaten there shared disappointment, and now I see Mr. Pike, the owner, all over social media sharing racist remarks and bigoted comments. Do not give your money to this family. If not for the racism, do it for the mistreatment of employees and the poor service.

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    MootRobot 1 Reviews
    The owner is racist and disgusting

    I hope no one patronizes this man’s business…. absolutely abhorrent ignorance.

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    Azul 1 Reviews
    The worst restaurant in NWA

    All the servers are rude the owners a proven racist and I still attempted to give them a chance. Nope. Waiters tone was disrespectful upon entering and i walked right out. This establishment acts like its the best and in all honesty, its the worst restaurant in NWA. The whole diner thing doesn’t work out if y’all are just going to be disrespectful. Don’t eat here, waffle house down the street costumer service is better by a long shot. You want good pancakes go to Cracker barrel. On my way driving around the door the the kitchen was open, and it looked disgusting. The floors were so dirty. Looked grungy.

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    Esther 1 Reviews
    We tried…

    We tried to eat there. After 15 min of zero acknowledgement, we never saw food come out from the kitchen, the servers never spoke, never looked at the people in line, we decided it couldn’t be THAT good.

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    Joy 1 Reviews

    The food is always good and the service wonderful. Large servings and reasonably priced. Will definitely go back!! Turkey dinners are like Thanksgiving meal at home, better because i don’t have to prepare, cook or clean!

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    Don 1 Reviews
    Sunday Dinner just like Mom's

    Turkey and dressing Sunday special is fantastic. Like Thanksgiving every Sunday. A plate full so you don’t need second helpings. Don’t forget the pie, probably to-go. Friendly staff. Nice, hometown atmosphere.

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